3 Strategies to Enhance the Results of Your Employee Wellness Initiative

3 Strategies to Enhance the Results of Your Employee Wellness Initiative

There’s more to workplace productivity than mission statements and core value reviews. In fact, employee health can contribute to your bottom line.

Profit enhancing priority

2012 study conducted by AFLACfound that employees participating in workplace wellness programs experience more job satisfaction. It makes sense because it reveals that the company cares about more than merely what team members produce. And frankly, people who feel better perform better.

A productivity boost often results from an intentional focus on wellness. Physical activity and proper nutrition boost the brain, sustain energy, sharpen focus, and prompt motivation.

A sense of belonging is also strengthened through wellness. Your corporate culture will improve when outlets are available to channel the competitive vibe away from your internal team culture. Wellness programs guide employees towards mutual support of each other and their personal goals.

A cost-benefit accompanies your wellness emphasis too. Employees who feel better will be motivated to avoid risky health habits. A reduction in tobacco use, lowered blood pressure, and other stress induced conditions can reduce your employee health care costs.

Three Strategies to Keep Your Wellness Program Focused

”Sell” it

In the early roll-out phase think of it as a “product” that requires effective marketing. Give it high-visibility promotion throughout your organization from the get-go.

  • Lead by example. Make sure recognized company leaders are participating at some level in wellness initiatives.
  • Create and publish content that promotes the intended benefits of the program.
  • Connect benefits achieved with stories of success…and failure.

Sustain it with benefits

It’s not the program itself that matters. Rather, it’s the results or the benefits that participants receive from their effort.

Highlight short and long term outcomes of wellness. The more it becomes a mindset the less it will be viewed as the flavor-of-the-month program.

Support it with incentives

Some employees simply want to be more healthy. If you’ve “sold it” effectively that message will translate loud and clear.

Others might require a reason to participate beyond feeling better.

  • Hire and bring in a personal trainer on a routine basis.
  • Allow extra lunch and break time for those who want to participate.
  • Provide healthy food and beverage options in your vending machines or break rooms.
  • Motivate participation with seasonal weight-loss challenges and “friendly” competitions.

Wellness might begin as a program. Your goal: to create a new mindset that impacts your entire company.

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