Creating a Safe Work Environment in Food Service

According to OSHA, more than 5,000 people were killed on the job in 2017, not to mention the thousands of others who suffered another type of injury. Creating a safe work environment, especially in the food service industry with its myriad of dangers (i.e. slips, falls, cuts, burns), should be priority number one for managers, owners, and staff. Employers can put safety policies in place and set forth an atmosphere of safety and compliance to ensure the health and wellness of their employees.

Here are some of the ways in which this is achievable.

Keep From Slipping

Shoes are the first line of defense against slipping and falling in the food service world. They protect legs and feet from hazards like spills, burns, and stubs, but can also be safety hazards if employees are not using the right shoes. Liquid food substances are present in practically every kitchen or food prep area and can create opportunities for slipping and falling.

The best shoes to wear in a restaurant setting are those that have rubber soles because they have a good grip on the different types of flooring that can be in use in different restaurants. This can help to avoid major messes as well as major injuries.

Getting Insured

For restaurants, caterers or cafes, the first line of defense against injuries in the food workplace is a solid workers’ compensation insurance plan. Having workers compensation insurance will cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages for employees who become ill or injured, like with a workplace injury related to something in the kitchen. Coverage can also include employee rehab and death benefits.

Having workers compensation insurance will keep food service businesses safe when it comes to their financial outlook as claims can end up causing major damage to their own assets.

Being Safe Around Prep

Safety in the kitchen can also be related to the different elements included in food prep. Knives, sharp objects and other kitchen tools can create some major safety problems when not handled properly. Safety begins with having proper storage for knives, for example, that are not in use. This will ensure that the employees in the restaurant do not leave knives laying around everywhere and protect others from getting injured in any way.

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety issues can be overlooked, but shouldn’t be as they have the potential to be more dangerous than other things like cuts and bumps. Electricity has the potential to cause major damage to someone’s health or even end in death or cause major fires in a restaurant. It’s important to ensure that all electrical equipment used in the restaurant is in good working condition and that any cables are insulated.

In case there are any faulty wires or cables, employees should not handle them and seek the assistance of experts instead. It’s also important to have regular checkups on all electrical wires and outlets to ensure the safety and integrity of a working kitchen.

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