Answers to Common Business Insurance Questions

Answers to Common Business Insurance Questions

Insurance does not have to be as complicated or confusing as some agents make it out to be. In fact, understanding the types of coverage you need along with finding the right price for your business can be an incredibly easy task. Picking the right team who can answer all of your insurance questions is a crucial component to demystifying insurance. Coast General answers some of the most commonly asked business insurance questions to guide you in the right direction.

1. How much will business insurance cost to protect my company?

It’s hard to pinpoint a price on insurance policies, especially because they will vary by industry and company size. As easy as it would be to give a business one fixed price, it would not offer adequate coverage. Working with a broker to find the right price—and protection—gives your business insight into what you really need. Businesses can get an idea of how much similar companies pay for their policies if they believe the quotes provided are too high.

2. How much coverage do I need? How will I know if I’m overpaying for coverage?

Choosing the right types of coverage can be tricky. Some policies are required in different states by law. Your insurance broker can give you a breakdown of the types of policies that are essential to keep you protected from burdensome, unexpected costs. Experienced brokers know the types of coverage that are necessary and the ones your business can do without.

3. What do different types of business insurance, such as Commercial Auto or General Liability, cover?

Different types of business insurance policies will cover different things. For instance, Commercial Liability insurance protects California businesses from the general liability exposures of a business. Other policies like Commercial Auto protect your company’s vehicles and drivers. There are different types of coverages and policies that will fit your specific business needs.

4. Is business coverage limited to a specific area?

Most insurance policies can offer nationwide coverage, but not all policies immediately guarantee international protection. Depending on your business’s needs, a specific policy can be crafted for your geographic requirements.

5. Does my business need a Workers’ Compensation policy?

In California, businesses are required by law to have a Workers’ Compensation policy. Finding the right policy to protect your company and your employees is crucial.

6. Why should I trust a broker to handle my business insurance?

Not all brokers are the same, but a company like Coast General has a strong reputation that helps you get competitive quotes and pricing. Our team works hard on your behalf and gives you peace of mind with the right coverage at an affordable price. Not all brokers go above and beyond like our team does. When it comes down to picking a broker over an online platform, Coast General gives you more personalization and flexibility to save you time and money.

Every business is unique, which means finding a broker who will pay attention to your business’s specific needs is crucial. Contact Coast General Insurance Brokers today to find the best competitive insurance quotes, service, price, and value. Call (805) 644-4740 to speak with one of our friendly agents for a free quote today! We proudly serve Ventura County and all of California for your business insurance needs.

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