Why Healthcare Facility Insurance Matters

Why Healthcare Facility Insurance Matters

You’re equipped to help and heal. It’s essential that you protect your ability to do so by insuring your healthcare facility.

Remember that your potential for liability extends from your physical facility to your employees who provide care. Unforeseen negligence aside, you want to limit your risk of exposure with an insurance plan that keeps you doing what you do best – caring for people.

Provider protection

You have substantial responsibility as a care provider. Your organization, managers, physicians, clinicians, and departmental employees require financial and reputation protection.

An insurance policy covers you and all related entities from claims made against your facility/organizationand those who manage and work within it. Your coverage must also be comprehensive in anticipating unique issues that can impact your health care facility.

  • A demand for monetary damages related to care issues
  • A civil lawsuit aimed at your care or related providers
  • Legal actions taken against your administration
  • Issues fundamental to patient care including slips and falls, abuse (physical and sexual), poor supervision, wrongful death, improper medication dispensed, transportation accidents, and more

Who are we talking about?

The need for protection can extend beyond your patients or care recipients. Where applicable, shareholders, regulatory agencies, competitors, creditors, and even suppliers can prompt the need for liability insurance.

Alleged violations can include:

  • Loyalty matters
  • Perceived lack of professionalism
  • Poor due diligence on behalf of patient or clientele

Protecting yourself and your industry trust

Your peace of mind plus your industry reputation require adequate protection. It’s important to insure your healthcare organization from top to bottom and all departments in between.

  • Your overall healthcare organization, facilities, and subsidiaries
  • Directors (past and present), officers, trustees, administrators, employees, and if applicable any teaching faculty, volunteers, and board members
  • The interests that extend to your spouse such as property ownership or shared interest in property
  • Estates and legal representatives that can be called into question

Eliminate the stress that can be caused by an unfortunate breach in the care provided by your healthcare facility. Stay focused on what you do by ensuring that you can continue providing a level of care your organization is trusted to provide.

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