There has been an uptick in phishing emails and malicious attachments lately. I have received a number of emails asking to pay invoices from companies we do not do business with, among others.

Here are some tips & reminders to help you avoid falling into the trap of compromising your account and company data.

  • For every email you get, consider phishing email warning signs:  
    • You do not know the sender. 
    • The sender’s name and email address don’t correlate. 
    • The “CAUTION: OUTSIDE EMAIL” banner is present. 
    • The email landed in your Junk folder. 
    • The “To” field does not contain your address. 
    • You were not expecting links or attachments from the sender. 
    • The attachment is a Word or Excel file. 
    • The language used (spelling & grammar) is not typical for the sender. 
    • The sender is asking you to send money, to do “something” for them, or to enter your password. 
    • The sender refers to accounts or information not tied to your email address (like credit card alerts coming to your work email). 
      Use an online password protection application like LastPass to manage the passwords you need to remember. 
    • Create long, unique passwords – a password app can generate and save these for you! 
    • Be a skeptic – always think before you click! 
    • Never email your password to anyone. 
    • Check the address of the site you are viewing before filling any forms. 
    • Look for the padlock icon before the website name in your browser. 
    • Do not share logins and passwords with anyone. 

To protect your business from the cost of an email breach, consider Cyber Insurance.

What does Cyber Liability Insurance cover?

Cyber liability insurance can cover costs associated with data breaches and cyber attacks on your business. Those costs can include such things as lost income due to a cyber event, costs associated with notifying customers affected by a breach, costs for recovering compromised data, costs for repairing damaged computer systems and more.

Cyber coverage can be a crucial safeguard against the devastating financial consequences of a cyber attack. Our team works with many A-rated carriers to customize insurance solutions depending on your business’ level of risk, with coverage options available to address:

  • forensic investigations,
  • litigation expenses,
  • regulatory defense expenses/fines,
  • crisis management expenses,
  • business interruption,
  • cyber extortion, and
  • Betterment.

Contact us today to fund the Cyber Liability insurance coverage that is right for your organization.

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