Free Risk Assessment

It’s important for every business to select an insurance provider they can trust. Clients can be unpredictable; you never know when someone will file a claim against your company or threaten to do so. Securing proper insurance coverage will help you ensure the continued safety of your business.

Here at Coast General, we provide free risk assessments for businesses. We want to let you know if your company is at risk, and if so, how we can help you. All we need is a complete copy of the business’ current policies so that we can thoroughly review them and provide feedback. There are no obligations with the free risk assessment, so you can sit back, relax, and wait for us to determine how much money your business can save.

Once the review is complete, we’ll provide our recommendations on your business’ policies. That includes gaps in coverage as well as recommended coverages. You may find that you are one of the lucky businesses who is already well covered and carrying minimal risk. Unfortunately, many businesses are not so lucky.

For businesses in need of additional assistance, Coast General will provide you with detailed recommendations on policy changes that will save you money and protect your business. Our free risk assessments have helped hundreds of businesses save on their rates and premiums.

You don’t know where your business stands until you take a hard look at your policies. There’s no harm in taking advantage of this free service!

It’s better to find out now that you are spending more money on your policies than you should be. The sooner you lower your rates, the more money you’ll have to reinvest in your business.

Coast General is staffed by a helpful, dynamic team. We’d love the opportunity to answer any questions you have about current or future policies.  opens in a new windowContact ustoday for a free risk assessment, and to make sure that your business is properly covered.