How to Create a Safe Work Environment for Employees

How to Create a Safe Work Environment for Employees

Whether it’s an office, store, lumber yard or construction site, one’s place of business is their home away from home, and just as you strive to keep your home safe, you should also strive to keep your workplace safe for everyone you employ.

Here are five tips for maintaining a healthy, clean and hazard-free work environment:

  • Enforce sick-time.

If an employee is not well, they cannot come to work. It’s as simple as that. It’s not fair to the rest of your employees who potentially face exposure should that person be allowed to come in. Asking a person who’s under the weather to stay home isn’t just for theirbenefit; it’s for their co-workers as well. Exposing employees to a virus or illness puts your workforce at risk, and if doctor visits or absences occur, operations may wind up falling behind.

  • Don’t stack things too high.

Humans stack items to save space, but when the pile gets too high, everyone’s in danger of being seriously hurt. Imagine going to work one day and getting crushed under a dozen falling boxes. Sounds like an awful lot for a simple paycheck, doesn’t it? Avoid this and any similar hazards by ensuring supplies and files are always kept in neat and organized piles.

  • Engage in safety discussions.

As a business manager, you probably have a lot on your mind, and over time, you may find yourself forgetting or missing out on certain things, which is why it’s always important to talk with your employees. Having regular conversations about safety and other vital aspects is a great way to get the scoop on anything you might have missed. For example, in discussing workplace safety, one employee may mention something harmful you might have overlooked. Staying on top of everything is very important, and keeping in touch with your employees is a great way to do that.

This is virtually a form of documenting; a way of recording and keeping track of all communication and training between yourself and your employees. Communication in regards to loss of control and safety are imperative to keeping your business stable and prepared.

  • Make sure everyone is familiar with disaster protocols.

Granted someone doesn’t know where the nearest emergency exit is or what to do in times of trouble, that person’s life could be at stake should disaster strike, and it’s important to make sure everyone is familiar with the proper protocols. Whether that’s showing them the nearby fire exits or where to hide during an earthquake, teaching employees the proper safety measures can ensure their survival.

  • Make sure employees have the right gear.

If any of your employees are required to work in dangerous conditions, appropriate uniforms and safety equipment should always be used. No exceptions. Say your employees work with dangerous chemicals that could burn their skin – they’ll probably need gloves and goggles to prevent exposure, or if you run a construction company, your employees will need hardhats in case they fall or experience head-bumps. Employees who do not use the right safety equipment put themselves and the company at risk, and it’s your job to make sure every worker is taking his or her environment seriously.

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