We invite you to join us for our next employee/ supervisor training webinar.

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Training focuses on understanding both the benefits and challenges associated with managing a diverse workforce. Implementing diversity and inclusion training is important to the overall health and sustainability of businesses in today’s economy. Business leaders understand that building a diverse and inclusive culture, not only provides the business with a larger pool of talent, but also broadens its potential customer base. Another key component of this training is what it does to help reduce the risk of workplace discrimination and harassment claims by educating both supervisors and employees on the importance diversity and inclusion, as well as, giving them the tools to implement diverse programs and polices.

90-minute training covering:

  • Becoming Culturally Competent
  • Mitigating Unconscious Bias
  • Creating Diversity Through Recruitment
  • Capitalizing on Corporate Diversity and Inclusion; Setting your business apart

Register here: opens in a new windowhttps://bit.ly/CGIB1028