The Ellen Brokaw House Farm Workers Scholarship!

Farm workers and their families face a unique set of challenges in achieving higher education. The average annual wage for a berry farm worker in Ventura County is $24,463. The average cost of attendance of going to a California State University as a first-time freshman is $22,675. The high costs of attending college can leave children of farm workers with limited options when it comes to pursuing higher education. According to Housing Matters, “children who live in a crowded household at any time before age 19 are  opens in a new windowless likely to graduate from high school and tend to have lower educational attainment at age 25.” The mission of House Farm Workers! is to support safe, decent and affordable housing for farm workers through advocacy and education. When children are housed in a safe, decent, and affordable home they have a better chance at completing high school and continuing on to higher education.

We are pleased to offer this scholarship to students whose parents are farm workers in Ventura County. The Ellen Brokaw House Farm Workers! 

Scholarship is awarded each year to college-bound or current college students whose parents are farm workers in Ventura County.

The scholarship is named in honor of Ellen Brokaw, founding chairwoman of House Farm Workers! A prominent member of Ventura County’s agricultural community, involved in production of lemons, avocados and nursery stock, she has been an inspirational leader in the long campaign to improve the lives of farm workers and their families.